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Nevis has started to establish itself as a hub for the filming industry. The island has a number of productions to support its status as an elite filming destination with brands such as Vogue, Lands End, House Hunters International and MSR Media.


With its natural beauty, diverse architecture and welcoming people, traveling to Nevis is convenient as American Airlines, Jet Blue, Air Canada, British Airways, Delta Airlines and United Airlines fly directly into the Robert L Bradshaw International Airport on St. Kitts. Savor breathtaking views of Nevis Peak on the 6-minute water taxi crossing. Nevis is favorably positioned for robust progression in the production industry.

Our dedicated team will provide assistance with the necessary permits and local requirements. In our alacrity to the entertainment sector, the Nevis Island Administration offers tailor-made competitive and attractive concession packages and provides a wide range of additional support services to ensure your production is seamless from start to finish.

Invest Nevis


Home to the first Four Seasons Five Diamond Resort built in the Caribbean, Nevis remains a coveted destination for clients looking to purchase a vacation home or build their own.. The Four Seasons Residences also offer a selection of exclusive family villas available for purchase or rent in the vicinity surrounding the golf course where the hotel is located.


Owning a piece of paradise is an option for persons who wish to invest a substantial amount of funds into owning their own home or a boutique hotel. Whether you invest towards the development of medium to large scale projects or in green undeveloped land, there are opportunities for development with local partnerships or as a stand-alone investment.


Historically, Nevis is home to dozens of sugar plantations of which two now remain available for restoration. The government of Nevis is passionate about restoring the history and significance of these proprieties and the opportunities awaiting you.

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A unique local climate eco-system enables an all-seasons production cycle. The government is committed to introducing training programs for farmers in order to boost export production and making Nevis 100% self-sufficient. Market research shows an increased demand for safe, organic produce in both domestic and foreign markets. Thanks to the growing trends of vegetable-based diets, we see untapped potential for growth in agriculture and Agro-Processing.

For the past 7 years, Nevis has proudly hosted its Annual Nevis Mango and Food Festival where you can savor a selection of 44 different types of mangoes. This one-of-a-kind event is an all weekend activity showcasing both local and international participants culinary and creativity skills through this versatile food – mango. It’s an opportunity for one and all to partake in the celebration of our Nevisian culture.

Worldwide demand for sea salt, lobster, spring and coconut water has been increasing steadily over the last decade. Nevis boasts of several spring water sources and an abundance of coconut trees - a niche we’re determined to exploit.

We are keen to drive our production output and earn a reputation of a trusted international Agro producer through the use of greenhouse technology and processing plants.

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Nevis is known as the birthplace and early childhood home of one of the founding fathers of the USA and the first Secretary to the US Treasury – Alexander Hamilton. In the best traditions of his time, the Nevis Financial Services Regulatory Commission continues to uphold and produce a level of service on par with international standards. The EC Dollar has over decades managed to maintain a stable exchange rate to the US Dollar. The jurisdiction of Nevis boasts of strong lucrative stability within the financial sector; great incentives to stimulate FDIs.


The jurisdiction of Nevis remains one of the few standing bastions of privacy in a world where confidential information is protected. Regulation by the International Financial Services Authority (FSA), ensures transparency, while domestic law protects the clients’ right to privacy. The jurisdiction has a competitive advantage over other territories and offers a selective range of financial products that meet the demands of the most discerning clientele.


Home to two new International Banks in the last year alone, Nevis has the right combination of legal framework, favorable financial climate and support of the government for new entities to set up in Nevis. With its seven commercial banks, four credit union banks and over 50 registered agents, Nevis welcomes entrepreneurs looking to set up their bank HQ on the island. Setting up of Trusts, family foundations and offices remains a popular option with global passengers looking to safeguard their assets.


The Nevis Financial Services Regulatory Commission offers the opportunity of setting up the following entities: International Business Company (IBC), Limited Liability Company (LLC), Nevis International Exempt Trust, Foundations, Reinsurance and Captive Insurance, General and Long-Term Insurance and International Banking

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The Tourism industry has been one of the key sectors driving the island’s economic development over the years. Nevis is rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after Caribbean destinations for both tourists and businessmen alike.

Our statistics show the majority of our visitors arrives from the United States, Canada and European countries. The typical layover period ranges between 4-7 days at accommodations within the price range of US$300-US$700 per night. Currently, accommodation capacity stands at:

  • Number of luxury and boutique hotels – 7
  • Number of rooms – 356
  • Number of beds – 552

There’s a growing demand for more high-concept and cuisine-specific restaurants, coffee shops, sports tourism - including competitions such as Tri-star International Triathlon (Nevis to St. Kitts Cross Country Channel), fish hunting trips and catamarans.

Medical Tourism is widely practiced within the region and has proven to be equally as popular in Nevis.

There are several infrastructure projects currently in the pipeline designed to drive economic success of the island’s core industry. The most ambitious project to date is a sea marina and an extended runway that would accommodate private yachts and jets.

Yachting and cruise tourism are one of the most developed niche sectors and the government has placed significant value in the maintenance of this luxurious industry. As such, boutique high end vessels sail into the island and its secluded beaches during the periods of November and April each year.

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Nevis has considerable potential as an attractive island for light manufacturing. With its strategic location in the Eastern Caribbean, the island benefits from several trade initiatives in the Caribbean and internationally. We are keen on improving our relationships with regional and international partners.


The government’s objective is to create a favorable environment for local and multinational companies to harness the quality of products for local and export markets. There are attractive fiscal business incentives for local and foreign investors.


Our products can be produced at a lower cost relative to other developed countries. Opportunities for light manufacturing include furniture, agro-processing items, textiles, plastic and other basic commodities.

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While Nevis is a small island, it’s also highly adaptable and dynamic, and we are determined to thrive in the digital economy. Alongside the NIA’s Digital Platform, the government of Nevis has renewed its commitment to diversifying its workforce and enriching its skill base.

One of the government’s top priorities is providing 100% fiber optic coverage on the island. This is a first step in ensuring the demand for more highly-skilled engineers, designers, programmers, architects, web developers and digital media experts are met.