Our Team

Tamica Lawrence

Invest Nevis


Ms. Lawrence is responsible for investment relations. She contributes to the strategic direction of the agency and exploits beneficial opportunities that stimulates the growth of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) necessary to boost the Nevisian Economy. With expertise in cutting edge technology and experience in marketing, investment and project management fields, Ms. Lawrence is an energetic and result driven professional who aims to ensure that investors are given the right support and after care facilitation to ensure positive returns on every investment.

Tel: +1869 469 0038 / +1869 662 8411

E-mail: tlawrence@investnevis.org


Keri Weeks

Invest Nevis

Marketing Officer

Ms. Weeks serves as the Marketing Officer. She is tasked with the responsibility of generating the awareness of new investment opportunities available for both foreign and local investors, while fostering collaborations and partnerships with existing stakeholders. Ms. Weeks also lends her support with marketing initiatives, content management and undertakes research initiatives to identify and improve the investor experience. Her approachable; yet professional persona and a background in offshore corporative administrative duties is key in assisting with financial research and the incorporation processes.

Tel: +1869 469 0038

E-mail: kweeks@investnevis.org

Zelma Browne

Invest Nevis

Investor Facilitation Assistant

Mrs. Browne is the initial point of contact for investors. She is responsible for recording investor applications, data analysis and provides supporting information to the respective governing departments and coordinates various meeting arrangements.

Tel: +1869 469 0038

E-mail: zbrowne@investnevis.org